The motivation behind our commitment to Alcom medical alert systems and to our customers is that we believe independent living and senior safety are both very important and shouldn’t be costly to provide. We feel that elderly or disabled should have the opportunity to retain their independence and their dignity and not have to worry whether or not they can continue to afford what they need. Since the creation of Alcom Medical Alert Systems, we have made it our priority to make sure that out medical bracelets, medical pendants, medical necklaces, and medical monitoring systems are reasonably priced and affordable on any budget.


Independence is the reason why the Alcom Medical alert system of Amarillo, Abilene, & Lubbock, TX was developed to provide a viable alternative to rising care costs for those wishing to live independently. Due to its strong engineering, our medical bracelets, medical pendants, medical necklaces, and medical monitoring systems have been virtually unchanged in design since their inception, though software within the system has been enhanced as technology improvements have taken place. Alcom Medical alert systems of Amarillo, Abilene, & Lubbock, TX is tried and true and ready to provide the assistance you need to continue living independently.


Alcom medical alarm equipment of Amarillo, Abilene, & Lubbock, TX is offered with a specific goal in mind – to allow our customers a personal, honest, and viable alternative to expensive, monthly service fee medical alert alarm systems. In addition to having an exceptional product, as noted above, we pride ourselves in offering the ultimate in customer service so that you never feel like you are left alone with your medical alarm system. By calling today you will gain the peace of mind you and your loved ones need knowing that our specialist are standing by to answer any questions you might have about our medical bracelets, medical necklaces, medical pendants, and medical monitoring systems. So don’t wait any longer call us today.

AMARILLO – (806) 352-2233

3501 S. Georgia St.

Amarillo, TX 79109


ABILENE – (325) 672-4432

4115 N. 1st St.

Abilene, TX 79603


LUBBOCK – (806) 792-1827

7212 Joliet Ave. #3

Lubbock, TX 79423



Our office privacy policy regarding your medical record is designed to be compliant with all applicable state and Federal laws, including HIPAA, which became effective April 13, 2003. If you are a subscriber, please contact our office and we will be happy to mail a copy to you upon request.