Aging Baby Boomers Cause Rise In Use Of Medical Alert Systems


As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the demographics of the American population are changing, causing a rise in the use of medical alert systems. Not only is the baby boomer generation one of the largest senior populations to ever exist in America, they are also smart consumers and more educated about health than past senior populations. The decision to use a medical alert system at home is the choice many baby boomers are making now, or will be making in the near future.


Baby boomers becoming the largest population of seniors to use medical alert systems

The baby boomer generation spans approximately a 20-year range, covering adults that are now turning between 50 and 70 years old. With over 76 million baby boomers, it’s no wonder that this generation is becoming the largest population of seniors in America, and increasing the demand for high quality healthcare. High quality healthcare starts with quality of life, and keeping their independence longer by living at home normally ensures a greater quality of life. One way to keep this independence is with medical alert systems.


Medical alert systems are a no-brainer decision for baby boomers

Admitting the need for a medical alert system may have been a struggle in the past, but with the prevalence of technology and the health knowledge of today, baby boomers will become the most technologically equipped senior population. Some younger baby boomers may be dealing with their own parents’ struggle for independence, and may already be well versed in medical alert system technology and options. With so much exposure to available technology and personal experience with their own parents, choosing to have a medical alert system in the future is a no-brainer decision for many baby boomers.


Independent living for baby boomers with medical alert systems

With health issues such as diabetes and heart disease so prevalent amongst baby boomers, medical alert systems may be the key to keeping their independent living. By the year 2030, nearly one-fifth of the American population may be over the age of 65. Those young and ambitious baby boomers will need the help of technology and their generation X and Y children to keep them living independently as long as possible. Medical alert systems help eliminate worry for children and caretakers, while seniors can rest easy knowing that help is only the “push of a button” away.


Medical alert systems for peace of mind in future seniors

With personal fitness devices on the wrists of so many Americans, a transition to a medical alert system may not feel like a step in the wrong direction. On the contrary, a wearable medical alert system ensures peace of mind for the wearer and their family. Just as baby boomers rely on technology in their daily lives now, they will rely on technology to keep them independent for as long as possible as a future senior.


As our demographics change in America and give rise to a larger population of seniors, or aging “baby boomers,” the need for health technology and medical alert systems will continue to increase. The transition for these seniors may not be as dramatic – a population fairly accustomed to technology and personal tracker devices – but the need will still be there.


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