Alcom Lifeline Medical Alert Systems Can Really Make a Difference and Might Actually Save a Life or Limb


People are living independent, longer lives, these days. As people begin to age, however, their risk of injury or sudden illness begins to increase. Thinking about these kinds of events can cause angst and worry for that senior citizen and his or her loved ones. Medical alert systems offer protection and peace of mind for everyone and can be the real difference when it comes to saving a life or limb.


The reason medical alert systems exist in the first place

According to the CDC, one out of every three people over the age of 65 will fall this year. And more than half those falls will occur inside the home. What would happen if no one else was at home to help the fallen senior? In the worst case scenario, the person who falls never gets help. That is the exact scenario that medical alert systems were developed to address. These alert systems allow an individual to go about daily life with less worry about what might happen if he or she falls or suddenly becomes seriously ill. If it happens, a press of the emergency button will bring help. And that lets the senior, and his or her loved ones, go through life without constant worry and stress.


How do medical alert systems work?

A medical alert system requires two things. First, the house will need a monitoring base installed somewhere on the premises. Medical alert companies usually locate these close to the center of the home to give the entire house coverage. These alert systems can be part of a more comprehensive home alarm system, or be a stand-alone system just for medical alerts. The second part of a medical alert system is the personal alarm. This kind of alarm is usually worn as a pendant around the neck or as a band around the wrist. If the senior needs help, he or she can simply press the button on the alarm which sends an alert to the monitoring base. The monitoring base sends a signal to the medical alert monitoring service notifying them that the personal alarm has been activated. The monitoring service will first try to contact the senior to see what kind of help is needed. If there is no response, they will call emergency workers. If the senior can communicate, they will work to get the appropriate help to them. It may be that the senior needs a neighbor or family member to come to the house. Or he or she may need medical attention and an ambulance.


Medical alert systems work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The total and constant coverage and monitoring offered by the medical alert system offers seniors the chance to live independently without worry about a fall or sudden illness.


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