Caregivers and Doctors Recommend Medical Alert Systems


When you or a loved one is facing the possibility of losing their independence, a medical alert system can be a fantastic and often vital solution. Because of the many benefits of medical alert systems, caregivers and doctors recommend them for anyone that lives alone and has a high risk of falling. Seniors, individuals with mobility related disabilities and their families typically benefit the most from the assurance and peace of mind that comes from having medical alert systems. The benefits associated with these potentially lifesaving devices are many and include allowing individuals to keep their independence, lessening worry and cost on behalf of family and caregivers and notifying emergency response personnel in emergencies. All of these benefits can be realized while still delivering great comfort and flexibility. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits, proving why doctors and caregivers recommend medical alert systems.


Medical alert systems help people maintain their independence

Caregivers recommend medical alert systems for many reasons, all of which involve providing the best possible care to their patients. When patients begin showing signs of dementia or loss of mobility, it may be a good time to talk to a doctor and family members about a medical alert system. It is very important for many individuals to keep their independence, even when faced with health concerns. With medical alert systems, users can enjoy the independence of living alone without worrying about who will be there to help when a health emergency arises.


Medical alert systems can help reduce worry and cost

Medical alert systems are great for lessening worry on behalf of the family and caregiver of seniors or those with disabilities. Some medical alert systems also come with GPS tracking, which may be a smart function for people with developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. With GPS-capable systems, families or caregivers are alerted when their loved one unexpectedly leaves home. For seniors on a tight budget, these devices can be a less expensive way to provide 24-hour monitoring, medical alerts and medication reminders, thus delaying or perhaps avoiding a necessary move to an expensive health care facility.


Medical alert systems can ensure emergency response personnel are notified in the event of an accident or health emergency

According to the CDC, one in three seniors falls each year. Of these falls, 90% have a large and detrimental impact on the health of that person. Doctors frequently recommend medical alert systems for those who are less stable and at a higher risk of falling. With a convenient button on a bracelet or pendant, the patient can always get the help they need. With the addition of automatic fall detection, alerts are sent even when the person cannot respond or is incapacitated.


Medical alert systems offer comfort and flexibility

Medical alert systems are comfortable and versatile. Doctors and caregivers approve of devices which are usually easily worn on the wrist or around the neck, and also come in waterproof models to provide insurance when showering. The comfort of the device makes it easy for the user to grow accustomed to everyday wear. Personal medical alert systems are also recommended because of their service’s flexibility. Most medical alert companies provide 24-hour monitoring, automatic fall detection and reasonable costs. Service plans can be customized to fit the person’s needs and budget.


Doctor and Caregiver Recommended Medical Alert Systems

With benefits such as these, it’s no wonder why caregivers and doctors recommend medical alert systems for their patients. With comfortable designs and versatile models, seniors and people with disabilities can take back their independence by using low cost medical alert systems. Caregivers, doctors and family members will have peace of mind knowing their patients and loved ones can contact them with a touch of a button.


For more information about medical alert systems

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