Medical Alert Systems Vs. Calling 911


Although there are many benefits to calling 911 when you have an emergency, for many senior citizens, it is not always a possibility and can be easier to use medical alert systems. Trying to get to a phone in an emergency may cause even more harm to the person who has experienced an accident or medical emergency. Medical alert systems are often the best choice for seniors who need to call emergency personnel, because they are readily available and easy to use. There are many reasons to consider medical alert systems vs. 911, including speed of assistance, level of emergency, and the location of the emergency.


Speed of assistance using medical alert systems vs. calling 911

After a fall or accident, it can be difficult to get to a phone, and trying to call 911 could possibly result in further injuries. The time it takes to get to a phone could be time in which the victim of an accident could be receiving medical attention. With a medical alert system, emergency personnel are notified almost immediately at the simple press of a button and they can be dispatched quickly. This process can save valuable time during an emergency.


Medical alert systems vs. calling 911 and level of emergency

Though an emergency can be as minor as a simple fall or ankle twist, some emergencies may render a senior citizen unable to move or talk. Pressing a button on a medical alert pendant or bracelet would likely be much more possible than trying to get to the nearest telephone. If a stroke or other incapacitating accident has left a senior in severe condition, help is required quickly. Without anyone around to call 911, the situation could quickly escalate. With fall detection technology, this notification is automatic even if the wearer of the device is unable to push the button. A medical alert system is the best way for a senior to notify emergency services in severe emergency cases when no other help is readily available.


Medical alert systems vs. calling 911 and location of the emergency

The location of an accident is one reason why calling 911 may be too difficult. For example, if someone lives in a small home and only has one telephone, it may not be available for use in any other room. If an accident or emergency happens in another room, or outside of the home, it may not be possible to reach the telephone to call 911 for help. With medical alert systems, help can be contacted no matter where the emergency has occurred. These devices are small, portable, and even waterproof, so they can be used anywhere in the home



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