There are many good reasons for purchasing a medical alert system. During an emergency, a medical alert device can mean the difference between life and death to seniors living alone. Many seniors over 65 may have existing health issues such as diabetes, asthma, or heart conditions that may cause dangerous episodes and require immediate attention. Falls are also a real worry for many seniors who may not be able to get to the phone to get the help they need quickly. There are many options to consider when choosing a medical alert system. The device needs to be easy, even for seniors who are not tech-savvy. Learning to use these convenient devices can bring peace of mind to seniors and their family members.



There are many ways to protect seniors who live alone. Some options include medical alert bracelets or pendants that offer help with the touch of a button. These medical alert systems are waterproof and may have breakaway cords that can be released during an emergency.


Some medical alert devices have built-in fall detection, so when seniors fall down and need help they don’t even need to push the button. Help comes immediately when the sensor on the device detects a fall.


These systems come in many price ranges, so seniors and their families should pick the medical alert device that best suits their budget. No matter which medical alert system you choose, you are one step closer to immediate help during a medical emergency. Some systems are tied into home alarm systems for added protection and convenience.



Seniors can wear their medical alert system all day and it is recommended that they do not remove the device for maximum safety. They can do all of their activities, including swimming and bathing, with the device on. If an emergency occurs, all seniors need to do is push the button at the center of the bracelet or pendant. If the medical alert system includes the two-way communication feature, an operator may come on to ask what the emergency is and send the proper help. Otherwise, help will be dispatched once the button is pushed. Systems that are rechargeable can be charged up without removal, so seniors are never without their device.



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