Senior Citizen Medical Alert Systems and Fall Detectors


A medical alert system is a great option for an individual concerned about an elderly or disabled family member or a loved one living alone or a senior citizen seeking extra security and independence. The family member or loved one gets the help they need when they need it, and their family gains peace of mind about their loved one's health and well-being when they aren't around. Medical alert systems and fall detectors are truly the best protection to ensure quick and appropriate medical response when needed.


How does a medical alert system work?

In the event of an emergency, you or your loved one pushes the button on the medical alert pendant, which initiates a call through the base station to the medical alert system's monitoring center. A staff member will answer the call and use the speakerphone feature on the pendant to ask if help is required. If you do need help or you are unable to answer, the staff will get in touch with an emergency contact, such as a family member or neighbor, or will alert emergency medical personnel to go to your home.


Does my family member or loved one need a medical alert system?

Many people discount the need for a medical alert system because they don't believe that they're old enough or that they have a health concern or other issue that necessitates a system. Many senior citizens and individuals with disabilities are able to live on their own but are at a heightened risk for injuries and other medical emergencies. A medical alert system allows them to retain their independence while providing medical assistance as needed.


A medical alert system is also a viable solution for anyone with a chronic or prolonged illness.

Even though you're healthy most of the time, you never know when the disease will flare up or take a turn for the worst. Simply overexerting yourself may turn a minor concern into a major medical issue in a matter of minutes. Getting immediate medical help reduces the chances of long-term consequences.


Why is fall detection important?

Fall detection is not a critical component for every medical alert system. However, for those who need it, fall detection may mean the difference between life and death. Fall detection is ideal for individuals who frequently fall or at a high risk of falling, who suffer from early dementia, and who have diabetes. Falls may result in severe injuries, including head and hip injuries, and are the top cause of loss of independence for the elderly. Severe injuries often result in hospitalization or prompt a move to an assisted living facility. The quicker an individual receives medical assistance, the more likely it is the individual will make a full recovery. Fall detection allows specific population segments to retain independence, save money, and get the help they need in a timely fashion. Assisted living facilities aren't cheap. If an individual is able to live on his own, a fall detection sensor is an affordable, reliable option to get help quickly, increasing the odds of recovery.


As you weigh varying medical alert systems and fall detectors, be honest about your loved one's needs and preferences and your budget. You don't want to pay for a much more complex system than you'll ever use, but you also don't want to skimp on important features, such as range and remote phone answering. Do your research and get your questions answered before signing a contract.


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