The Most Important Features Of Your Medical Alert System


Modern medical alert systems have improved performance and reliability over their older counterparts. While the features remain largely unchanged, wireless and battery technologies have enabled smaller buttons with further range and reduced power usage. The importance of these new features cannot be overstated. The following medical alert system features are applicable to mainstream medical alert devices. There are also more specialized devices available that monitor health status using blood pressure, ECG, weight, and glucose.


Two-way voice

Without question, the two-way voice feature is by far the most powerful feature of any medical alert system. The two-way voice feature allows the user to communicate hands-free with a trained central dispatcher who will gather details about the emergency situation and help put the user at ease.


Fall detection

The biggest reason most people choose to invest in a medical alert system for themselves or their loved ones is fall detection. The thought of a spouse, parent, or grandparent lying on the floor for hours, completely helpless, after a bad fall is enough to keep anyone up at night. The longer a person lies unassisted, the greater the likelihood of serious injury and long-term recovery. Fall detection technology enables the device to detect the impact and notify the central dispatcher for immediate assistance.


Waterproof equipment

Nearly a quarter of a million Americans over age 15 fall in the bathroom each year, with the elderly population making up the majority of these numbers. Waterproof housing gives a user the capacity to wear the medical alert system at all times, including in the shower, bathtub, and pool and outdoors in rainy and snowy conditions. Look for medical alert systems labeled “waterproof,” not just “water-resistant,” which may not hold up in a shower or bath.


Lightweight, comfortable design

No one wants to wear a bulky, uncomfortable pendant. Choosing a lightweight design that will rest comfortably around the user's wrist or neck ensures the user will keep it on at all times, allowing them to get the help they need when they need it.


Long activity range

There are two essential elements for any medical alert system: the base and the pendant. The base contacts the monitoring service and controls the system's functions. The pendant must stay within the activity range of the base to function properly. Depending on the specific medical alert system, activity range may be anywhere between 600 and 1,300 feet. Be realistic about the size of your home and your lifestyle when selecting an activity range. Your medical alert system should allow the user to move freely within the home as well as around the property (i.e. in the backyard or garage).


Long battery life

The medical alert base receives power from a home's electricity system. In the event of a power outage, you may be relying on the battery for a day at a time. The base should contain a backup battery that will offer power for a minimum of 20 hours, ideally even longer.


It may be overwhelming to narrow down a single medical alert system and then choose the features you need. Unless you're sure you need certain features, start with a basic device and then go from there.


If you have any questions about the varying features of medical alert systems or need more information about a specific medical alert device, talk to a medical alert system provider or health care professional. You should feel confident about the medical alert system you purchase for yourself or a loved one.


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