Why Seniors Need Medical Alert Systems


From weakened bones to dizziness stemming from a new medication, there are a host of reasons seniors fall around the home. Each year, more than 250,000 people age 65 or older are hospitalized for hip fractures alone, with falls accounting for 95% of the cases. In many instances, when a senior falls, he or she is unable to reach a telephone, even a cell phone, are thus unable to notify emergency services. Using medical alert systems provides peace of mind for a senior as well as his or her loved ones. The following details three of the top reasons why seniors need medical alert systems.


Medical Alert Systems can provide automated fall detection

One of the most popular medical alert system features is automated fall detection. These buttons contain sensors that register falls. When a fall is registered, the monitoring center is alerted automatically. In many instances, the senior who has fallen is highly disoriented or even unconscious, which means that he or she isn't able to activate an alarm on his or her own. The automated fall detection adds a layer of protection.


Medical Alert Systems can be equipped with GPS tracking

Seniors who suffer from dementia and other types of severe mental ability decline are prone to wandering. When your memory is limited or nonexistent, getting lost is extremely dangerous. It's not uncommon for dementia patients to have trouble remembering where they live or how to get home, even when they've been living in the same place for decades. A mobile medical alert system equipped with a GPS is a great asset to these individuals. Lost seniors get the help that they need with a press of a button. Passerby are also able to help seniors with ease when their alert devices feature GPS. Having another individual present makes it straightforward for the monitoring center to know what's happened and figure out how to best proceed, such as calling a family member or other emergency contact.


Medical Alert Systems can be used to summon extra help when needed

Most people think about the benefits of medical alert systems for the individuals who are wearing the devices. While the devices are extremely beneficial to the individuals wearing them, they may also prove beneficial to caregivers. In addition to offering peace of mind, caregivers may use the devices to summon help when a situation escalates beyond their control. For example, it's not uncommon for late stage Alzheimer's patients to become unusually suspicious and easily aggressive and agitated, which may include erratic shouting. A push of a button for proper medical assistance brings the caregiver the help that he or she needs without further aggravating the situation.


The topic of medical alert systems is a sensitive subject for many seniors. The best way to approach a family member or beloved friend about the topic is to frame it as “it's not for you, it's for me.” Avoid intimidating seniors with scary stats and stories or focusing on old age. Instead simply let them know that they'll be doing you a favor by providing peace of mind.


For more information about medical alert systems

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